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Image by Ahmet Yalçınkaya


Your STORM ONE CLAIMS team is here to support you!

As Public Adjusters, also referred to as PA's, we provide representation to the policyholder when they file a claim to their Insurance Company. We recommend that everyone utilizes a Public Adjuster for their Insurance claims due to the complexity of the insurance claims process. 


Understandably, many policyholders are unaware of the detailed and documented information involved with every insurance claim. Therefore, having a Public Adjuster by your side throughout the claims process can save you valuable time and money. Public Adjusters understand and utilize Statutes and Ordinance & Law requirements set forth by each state. 


Meet Your California Storm One Claims Management Team

Jim Back - Director of Claims.jpg
Trevor Back - Claims Manager & Owner.jpg
Alex Back - Finance Director & Owner.jpg
Austin Moore - Claims Manager.jpg

Jim Back
Director of Claims

Trevor Back
Claims Manager

Alex Back
Finance Director

Austin Moore
 Claims Manager

Nick Salerno - GM1.jpg
Tracy Back - Office Director.jpg
Vanessa Carusone - Office Manager
Ivy Bunting - Claims Manager.jpg

Nick Salerno
General Manager

Tracy Back
Office Director

Vanessa Carusone
Office Manager

Ivy Bunting
Claims Manager

Valerie Handley - Claims Manager.jpg
Heidi Muniz - Public Adjuster.jpg
Morgan McCourt - Marketing Specialist

Valerie Handley
Claims Manager

Heidi Muniz
Claims Manager

Morgan McCourt
Marketing Specialist

Meet Your Storm One Claims Public Adjusters
"Adjusters available in each state will vary, depending on licensing requirements in that individual state"

Andy Delay - Public Adjuster .jpg
Aaron Dove - Public Adjuster Apprentice .jpg
Brad Hayden.jpg
Lorenzo Papa - Public Adjuster.jpg

Andy Delay
Public Adjuster

Aaron Dove
Public Adjuster

Brad Hayden
Public Adjuster

Lorenzo Papa
Public Adjuster

Brian Parker - Public Adjuster.jpg
Amy Patterson - Public Adjuster.jpg
Karen Nelson - Public Adjuster.jpg
Francisco Madrigal - Public Adjuster Apprentice .jpg

Brian Parker
Public Adjuster

Amy Patterson
Public Adjuster

Karen Nelson
Public Adjuster

Francisco Madrigal
Public Adjuster Apprentice

Greg Saville - Public Adjuster.jpg

Greg Saville
Public Adjuster

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